What does my subscription include?

Your monthly membership fee includes direct, unrestricted access to your provider. You receive access to telemedicine, same-day and next-day visits, as well as annual visits without hidden co-pays or fees. When you call our office, we personally answer the phone – not an answering service. When you have a question, you can call, text, or email us directly.

Does this replace my insurance?

Our membership does not replace insurance. The membership, however, does allow us to treat 80-90% of your healthcare issues in an affordable, transparent, and excellent way. We recommend that you supplement your membership with a form of insurance, which would cover you in the event of an accident, heart attack, or cancer.

Isn't this just concierge medicine?

A concierge doctor may charge a monthly/annual fee, but they still function in the “old” model of healthcare delivery. They will still charge copays, deductibles, bill your insurance, and often charge a higher fee. We are transforming the model – concierge-style medicine, but for everyone else.

How do labs and imaging work?

We work personally with local labs and imaging centers to ensure you are receiving the lowest cash price possible. It sounds crazy, but when these same centers bill your insurance, it’s often billed at the highest rate possible to increase profit. Ultimately, you receive a bill in the mail that was never disclosed or transparent. At Volta DPC, you will always know the price before you decide on anything.

How do medications work?

We purchase many common medications and keep them in-office for our members at a wholesale cost. This feature of our practice allows us to save members hundreds of dollars per year on prescriptions. We still send prescriptions to your local pharmacy when necessary, but our practice model gives us the time to treat your underlying symptoms instead of covering them up with medications.

What if I need to see a specialist?

Our practice uses Thea Health. Through this service, we have direct access to specialists in all fields who can review your labs, imaging, and history to help make the best health decisions for you – at no cost to you. For HMO/PPO individuals, we work to find the best specialists within your network. For uninsured individuals, we identify specialists within our community who offer fair cash prices for their services.

What if I’m healthy and rarely go to the doctor?

If so, nice work! That’s our goal. Our purpose is to empower you to thrive. Sometimes, however, you may have an urgent visit that requires antibiotics, stitches, or other treatments. The bills from these visits will cost you about the price of our annual membership. We believe that your healthcare spending will be much more valued with Volta DPC.

Do you make house calls?

Yes! We charge $100 per house call. While there is no additional charge for visits in our office, we are happy to see you in your home. We usually reserve house calls for our patients who cannot leave their homes.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

We understand that situations change, and we want to help you through whatever transition you are in. We ask for a 30-day notice so we can close the loop and give you a chance to find another doctor who will best serve you.

Still have questions?

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