About Volta DPC

The word Volta, meaning a turning point, is the foundation of our practice. In order to transform the way that Primary Care is delivered, we must have a turning point away from the current healthcare system. Why is this? In a traditional, insurance-based clinic, your doctor is incentivized to see more patients in less time. This is not their fault; the system has made it necessary. It’s the reason that your healthcare experience has likely been defined by long wait times, short visits, and high frustrations. In this system, we continue to spend more on healthcare costs while consistently receiving poor care.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the turning point. Your monthly membership includes unrestricted access to the most important aspects of your health – preventative care, management of acute and chronic issues, minor procedures, telemedicine, and more. At Volta DPC, we use this model to deliver excellent and unparalleled care that is affordable and accessible for everyone. We do not bill insurance, charge co-pays, or send you any hidden fees in the mail. Our purpose is to create a future in which patients thrive by providing exceptional Direct Primary Care.

Here's how we're changing your healthcare delivery

The "old" way
  • An average of 8 minutes with your doctor. Rushed appointments.
  • A doctor who is financially incentivized to keep you sick and charge you more.
  • Rising prices, co-pays, and deductibles, with worsening quality of care.
  • Lack of price transparency, often with unclear markups of services.
The "Volta" way
  • Direct access to your doctor. Extended and thorough visits with your provider.
  • A model incentivized to keep you healthy, supported, and thriving.
  • No co-pays, deductibles, or middlemen.
  • Price transparency and savings on labs, medications, imaging, and minor procedures.

Our team

John Jones

Dr. John is a National Board Certified Family Medicine Physician and a South Florida native. He is the former Chief Resident in Family Medicine at the University of Miami, where he grew increasingly passionate for healthcare delivery that is accessible for everyone. When he’s not in the office, you can find him outdoors with his high school sweetheart Gabrielle Jones, playing guitar, and rooting for the Miami Heat!

Gabrielle Jones

Gabrielle is a National Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She began her career as a registered nurse here in South Florida. She is passionate about women’s health and providing compassionate, trauma-informed care. She currently serves patients at an OBGYN clinic in Miami, and is available for women’s health exams and procedures as needed.

Marie Joseph
Medical Assistant

Marie has been in the medical field for over 15 years as a Medical Assistant and Paramedic. The greater part of her career has involved Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Cardiology. She enjoys being involved in the community and is passionate about teaching the importance of cardiovascular health. Helping others and making a difference in their lives brings her great satisfaction.

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