Primary Care.
The Way it Should Be.

A Turning Point for Your Health.

We’re transforming your healthcare delivery through Direct Primary Care.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the fix to our broken healthcare system. For the equivalent of a monthly cell phone bill, you can receive Primary Care services that are direct and tailored to your individual health needs. We offer unprecedented access to your physician through telemedicine, annual visits, and continuity of care visits with a provider who truly knows you. A provider who you can text, call, and email personally. We offer medications, labs, and imaging at wholesale cost. No copays, no insurance, no middlemen. A direct relationship with you and your provider.

Dependable. Transparent. Local.

Our practice delivers exceptional, evidence-based primary care. Through a model where you pay your doctor directly, you now have unparalleled access to a provider who works for you – not for the insurance company. We partner with local labs and imaging centers to save you up to 80-90% on expensive tests. And we offer medications and procedures at a transparent and fair price.

Learn more about our mission in this video.

You deserve high-quality, personalized care. We have made this possible.

The DPC model allows us to spend an extended amount of time with each patient. When you come to your appointments, you can expect your provider to take the time needed to care for you. When you’re not in our office, feel free to call, message, or email your doctor directly at any time.

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